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Pre & Post-op Instructions

BEFORE THE PROCEDURE. Tummy Tuck is a major surgical procedure. It is imperative that you talk about your goals and expectations from the procedure with your cosmetic surgeon. A personalized consultation with cosmetic surgeon to quell your queries is the first step towards the procedure. For those who smoke will be asked to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery as smoking is known to interfere with healing. Intake of any prescription drugs, supplements, and herbal medications should be brought to the notice of the cosmetic surgeon. There is a possibility that your surgeon will limit the intake of medications for a particular period of time before and after the surgery.

Before the surgery, you should wear comfortable and loose clothing that can be put on and off quite easily.

You will also need some family member or friend by your side to drive you back home after the surgeon relieves you once the procedure is done.

During the procedure - OPERATIVE

Depending upon the intensity of fat deposition, tummy tuck can take about two to three hours. In view of the modern facilities offered, this procedure is painless and safe. During the procedure, cosmetic surgeon will make a long incision above the pubic area extending from one side of hip bone to other. Entire fat flaps and loose skin from upper abdominal stomach pit area to pubic regon are mobilized.

The lower belly flab is removed and resultant defect is covered by the upper mobilised skin which is sutured down to close the wound. The navel is relocated to its proper site and reshaped to look better. Flanks and waist line are improved further by liposuction that removes extra deposits of fat. Sometimes two drains are put under the skin to remove any unwanted fluid collection in the immediate post operative period. These drains are removed after a period of 2 to 3 days.

The patient who has undergone the procedure is encouraged to begin walking from the first day after the procedure can majority of the patients can be discharged on third or fourth day after the procedure. A compression garment is worn by the patients after the procedure for up to 8 weeks. This compression garment helps to provide comfort and eliminate the chances of undue swelling. Total recovery time may vary from 10 days to 12 weeks depending upon various factors and individual cases.

Complications Like all other surgical procedures tummy tuck cases can also have surgery or anaesthesia related complications.

These may include unfavorable scarring, bleeding (hematoma) infection, fluid accumulation, poor wound healing, skin loss, numbness or other changes in skin sensation, skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling, fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis) major wound separation, asymmetry, recurrent looseness of skin, pain, which may persist, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications, prolong swelling in the legs, nerve damage, suboptimal aesthetic result.

All such problems are rare and manageable.

AFTER THE PROCEDURE - Taking care of yourself Whether you have undergone partial or complete abdominoplasty - the area of treatment is often stitched and bandaged. Bandages are meant to promote healing. It is imperative to follow all the instructions by your cosmetic surgeon to take care of the bandages. You will be instructed on the best position on sitting and lying down to ease off the pain.

Strenuous activity of all kinds needs to be refrained from for at least 8 weeks. The patients may need 15 days to one month off from work depending upon the surgery performed and instructions provided by the cosmetic surgeon.

Generally, majority of patients love the way they look after the procedure. The final results may take some time to appear, though. In order to maintain the results, it is recommended to diet and exercise once normal routine and full recovery is achieved.

Dr. VD Singh, the senior most plastic surgeon of the region has operated more than 15,000 cases over a period of 30 years.